Your innovations partner

What we do :

We are an independent company whose origins are in the dairy sector. We now process and package all kinds of liquid food into cartons, plastic bottles and glass bottles

in line with two types of conditioning:

  • Aseptic
  • Refrigerated

... and in a range of size formats from 10 cl to 2 litres.

We are a company with strong values based on a deep respect for Mankind and the environment, on good citizenship and responsibility. Download our sales brochure

Our values and our strengths

The LSDH group is above all characterized by these strong values:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Ambition
  • Humanity

Our teams are comprised of well-trained and highly-motivated people whose skills are put to the best possible use. We know it is the motivation and the good will of our People that make us stand out. Resourcefulness, responsiveness, quality and the direction of our activity are what guarantee our success and our continuity. Our strategy is to become a partner of choice in the field of liquid food products in Europe for our Retail and Industrial clients. That is why we are continually seeking to develop ever more efficient industrial processes so as to further broaden our activity (in products and packaging) and to continue to provide our clients with innovative and proactive solutions in all areas.

National positioning:
  • Top packager of ambient and refrigerated fruit juices in France
  • One of the last remaining independent producers of drinking milk