HR Dynamics

LSDH's HR policy in three steps

Listening and autonomy:
We place People at the centre of our decision-making process. The Human Resources department is even located at the heart of the factory so as to always be available to listen to our staff. We choose to adopt a policy that is in line with social changes and company values.

Well-being and loyalty-building:
Our aim is to develop the notion of well-being in the work place. For many years, we have been seeking to implement an overall pay scheme that takes into consideration new social problems and the individual concerns of each member of staff. The company places great importance on improving personnel training and encourages internal promotion. Our clear goal is to attract talented people and our strategy is to develop the loyalty of our teams.

A continual search for talented newcomers:
We are seeking future employees who share our values, and whose personality fits in with our visions, concepts of empowerment and teamwork.

10 good reasons for joining us:
  • A family company that is independent and human in size
  •  People at the heart of company culture
  • An advantageous corporate policy: 13-month pay, individual and collective development, development of imperatives linked to production, involvement, profit sharing, complementary insurance, CSP, CPSP, Works Council, Time Savings Account, annual interviews, many corporate advantages etc.
  • Personal integration of new staff
  • Dynamic management of skills and talents through access to training and internal development for all
  • A company that favours involvement, taking the initiative and professionalism
  • A twofold project from an economic and social viewpoint
  • The ability to innovate
  • A company benefiting from the trust of well-known partners
  • A Group of public renown

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