Milks, creams and culinary aids

100 % French milk, U.H.T. dairy creams and creamy culinary aids for guaranteed success!


Our 100 % FRENCH MILK comes from 300 farms spread across eleven departments, including the Centre Region. Because of the proximity, we enjoy close relationships with them. As we process their milk in our two dairies, this fragile and complex liquid has our undivided attention and that means monitoring from the moment of collection right through to packaging so we can offer you a product that retains all its taste.

Our U.H.T. DAIRY CREAMS are ideal for cooking. The different qualities that we offer (fat content, texture, sweetened, salted, cooking, etc.) mean we can meet consumer and professional demands. Full-fat or low-fat, single or semi-double and above all tasty, they will turn your little dishes into HUGE successes!


We work on our formulas on a daily basis to preserve the original flavours of our fine materials, with the aim of offering you CULINARY AIDS that meet the needs and pleasures of each and every one. This is how we came up with our own recipes for custard, béchamel sauce and many more. For the pleasure of creating unforgettable dishes at home, in all simplicity.