Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks: pure pleasure!

We offer a wide range of carbonated drinks to enjoy all day long:

  • A wide range of COLAS for snack time: classic cola, diet cola, caffeine-free cola, flavoured colas
  • Exquisite LEMONADES, from traditional to organic, via diet
  • Refreshing TONICS
  • DIABOLOS for young and old: grenadine, peach-apricot, mint, bubble gum
  • A vast choice of Carbonated Fruit Drinks, a subtle blend of sparkling water and fruit juice: perfect pulps (orange, diet orange, blood orange, orange-mango, tropical), classic sodas (orange, lemon, citrus fruits, lemon-lime) and innovative sodas (apple-lychee, citrus fruits-cranberry-raspberry, melon-lime, red fruits, exotic fruits)


Offer your customers flavour and refreshment!