Commitment to the planet

For responsible consumption:
  • Making people aware
  • Spray gun at each water point
  • Air cooling towers
  • Dry lubrication system on our secondary packaging lines
  • Recovery of waste water: more than 500,000 litres of water saved / week
  • Collection and treatment of waste water in our own treatment plants and discharge of clean water into the Loire, the last wild river in France
  • Collection and thickening of sludge before spreading
  • Investment in a new  revolutionary bottle line with a dry disinfection system
  • Monitoring and recycling of almost two thirds of our waste
  • Work on the optimization of our supply chain
  • Reduction of waste linked to packaging
  • In 2009, creation of the first dual-layer, seal-free preform with 100 % light barrier in partnership with PDG Plastiques, a local company
  • Since 2010, use of 25 % recycled PET in our preforms whether single or dual-layer
  • Consideration given to the environmental factor when selecting raw materials
  • Implementation of a code of ethics for dairy operations
  • Setting up networks (non GMO soya, milk, apples, oranges and organic)
  • Very strong emphasis on organic products
Many projects on the horizon:
  • Obtaining ISO 14.001 vs 2004 certification for our sites at Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel and Varennes-sur-Fouzon
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Continuing work on our waste
  • Biomethanation of treatment plant sludge
  • Purchasing more fair trade products
Waste sorting:

Some of our packs / products  follow sorting instructions. For further information: