Innovative, specific and safety-orientated processes:
  • Sites under surveillance 24/7 with anti-intrusion system
  • Clean energies
  • Water graded as ''spring water''
  • Direct/indirect sterilizers to preserve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of products
  • Storage in sterile tanks
  • Highly diversified aseptic and refrigerated packaging in cartons and bottles
  • The quality advantage: possibility of sorting your products before shipping
  • Total and individual traceability
  • Teams trained in new technologies and aware of developments
  • Know-how recognised  by well-known industrial and retailer clients
The industrial flexibility you need for your innovations:
  • Adaptation of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals equipment to the food processing industry, to design elaborate and complex products
  • Diversity of raw materials put into use: a wide variety of preparations and products possible
  • Variety of heat treatment processes, suited to the product
  • Versatile and high-speed filling and packaging lines
  • High investment capacity: continual reassessment and adaptation of tools for the development and improvement of our sites and to meet customer requirements