Supply Chain

An optimized supply chain:

Our efficient and responsive team of professionals takes your specific constraints into account in order to offer you solutions best suited to your requirements, constantly improving overall supply chain efficiency, while keeping costs down.

Financial highlights:
  • 1,300 references
  • 600 million packs / year
  • 2,000 pallets / day
  • 210 customer orders / day
  • An in-house storage capacity of 80,000 pallets on 3 sites


Tools at the service of your projet :
  • E.D.I. links: orders, dispatch notices, invoices
  • Shared Management of Supplies
  • Paperless invoices
  • Personalized reports
  • Freight contracting
  • In-house integration of computer data
  • S.A.P.
  • A global service, from order to delivery, via invoicing


A cutting-edge service for Traceability:
  • Control and compliance with EAN 128 standards