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Donation of 90 000 cartons of milk to the Restos du Cœur

12 May 2016

20 dairy farms working with LSDH have decided to donate one part of their production to the Restos du cœur. 90 000 cartons of milk, that is to say the equivalent of 4 semi-trailers, will be distributed to persons in need.

The dairy of Saint Denis de l’Hôtel has made word "Humanity" one of its core values. It applies not only to its employees but also to the dairy farmers working with it. 20 dairy farms have decided to donate one part of their production to the Restos du Cœur. Milk is an essential product of the daily diet ; the Restos du Cœur distribute more than 20 million litres of milk per year.

Emmanuel Vasseneix, Chairman of LSDH, explains: « It just seemed obvious to us to express our solidarity with the poorest people through this milk donation. All of LSDH employees mobilised and freely packed 90 000 litres of milk for the donation. »

To pursue this solidarity action, LSDH has involved its partner and manufacturer of beverage cartons Tetra Pak which will donate the 90 000 essential milk packaging. 

For Tetra Pak, social utility is a pillar of the corporate project: « Tetra Pak has been working with LSDH for many years, and we therefore naturally agreed to take part in this donation project, underlines Michel Picandet, Managing Director. As soon as we get the opportunity, we are committed to taking part to solidarity projects. »

Graciously translated by Cistech