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LSDH, winner of the 2012 Bio Excellence Awards ("Trophées de l'Excellence Bio 2012" )!

2 March 2012

Thursday, March, 1st, LSDH received the Special Mention from the Jury during the 2012 Bio Excellence Awards ("Trophées de l’Excellence Bio 2012") in the“Processor-Retailer" category, for the partnership agreement signed in 2011 with Biolait, a group of independent French producers of organic cows' milk and the Magasin U supermarket chain, to provide organic milk for the U organic brand. It is the second edition of this Award, organised by the Agence Bio group and the Crédit Agricole bank: it highlights the dynamism of the organic agricultural sector, valuing the innovative and dynamic projects of Bio actors and companies in terms of production, processing and retailing.


LSDH is an ardent defender of French farming and milk from the Centre region, all of the company's decisions are thought through in coherence with its values and strategy, within the context of overall performance, combining economic, social and environmental aspects. Receiving this award is a great honour and pride for the men and women of the company, it rewards an ambitious, innovative and collaborative project which follows a year of working together. 

This commitment is evidence of the strong desire for a "fair" and shared development of the sector's product. It also expresses the determination of each stakeholder to enter into a dynamic and voluntary process leading to the long term development of organic farming and its values: respect for natural ecosystems, respect for producers through fair pay for their work, respect for consumers through a product that meets their expectations in terms of health, naturalness, authenticity and localness.

This ambitious project follows in the tradition of LSDH to defend French milk and local farmers. This small independent company with dairy origins maintains a privileged relationship with its 650 milk-producing partners spread across eight French departments. Together, they seek to develop French production, farming and employees, by drawing the consumer's attention to the importance of buying locally, as shown through various campaigns such as "Lait d’Ici" (milk from here) or "Lait Centre Val de Loire" (milk from Val de Loire, Centre region) and the huge amount of work the Laiterie has put into French product networks (milk, soya, apple) etc. For LSDH, encouraging local production and local employment means encouraging the creation of all forms of wealth - economic and cultural. It means giving new meaning to our actions and bringing together the People, the producers, the processers and the retailers in a joint project which is to succeed by improving the well-being of people while showing respect for our environment.

The jury was impressed by the strong and long-lasting partnership between the three entities, by the ecological and pratical aspects of the milk bottle (dry disinfection, reduction of the water and plastic consumption, the bottle does not need a seal), by the economical impact of the project (financial support provided to producers undergoing conversion, via the payment of 3 cents per litre of milk purchased: after one year, almost thirty conversions undergone) and by the desire to democratise biological food. This close partnership of three companies is part of a broader approach that is ethical, economical and civic-minded, placing people at the heart of this ambitious challenge.
Today, we are rewarded for our convictions, our values, our philosophy, and LSDH is very proud to see that this sustainable approach works.