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Newsletter March 2016: the milk chain Auchan "Vallée de la Loire"

16 March 2016
Whereas 53% of the French households (52% in 2014) try to buy local products as often as possible, LSDH, Auchan and the APBLC work in partnership to provide consumers of the region Centre Val de Loire (Centre and Loire Valley) with a milk produced and packed locally.
Collection and packaging 100% in Loire Valley 
The aim is to offer consumers a milk with high gustatory and nutritional qualities, produced with respect for animals and the environment, and paid at a fair price.
Milk from the Loire Valley gathers 95 dairy farmers located in the departments of the region ‘Centre Val de Loire’ as well as in Allier and Nièvre ; they share their know-how and love for trade to produce a milk of the highest quality packed in one of our two facilities of the region Centre Val de Loire.
Respect and support of men and women involved in the chain
LSDH supports young farmers to take over agricultural holdings thanks to the Start Box system that offers a cash advance, a minimum guaranteed price, a right to produce and a training.
LSDH cares about the farmers’ welfare and subsidises one week of leave per year and agricultural holding. Thanks to this policy of partnership and transparency, the collected volume is steadily increasing. For example, in 2003, LSDH collected 85 million litres of milk. This volume should reach 210 million in 2016. No producer has left the dairy in the last 20 years.
Respect for the environment and animal welfare
LSDH cares about animal welfare thanks to the monitoring of agricultural holdings and a continuous improvement approach : loose housing, no ties for animals, monitoring of mastitis rates and herd’s behaviour, promoted access to pasture with obligation for heifers and dry dairy cows during the summer period. 100% of the farms of the Filière Auchan (Auchan chain) are committed to a good practices approach. LSDH and Auchan thus answer customers growing expectations by ensuring the respect of good farming practices, knowing that the animal welfare is an important selection criterion for 87% of the French households when buying a dairy product (CIWF survey).
LSDH reduces the environmental impact of packaging by using responsible packaging:
- Removal of the aluminium seal: 32 tons of aluminium saved per year
- Reduction of the weight of packaging (- 25%):
1760 tons of CO2/year due to the reduction of the packaging weight
440 tons of CO2/year due to energy reduction vs performs
640 tons of raw material
720 tons of fuel
LSDH commits for the environment by reducing the number of stakeholders between production and consumers thanks to a short supply chain, by respecting semi-natural areas (hedges, embankments, groves) and grassland areas of the farms.
This tripartite approach set up by LSDH, the APBLC and Auchan around the milk produced in the Loire Valley will ensure consumer confidence by offering good products and good journeys. It has been materialised with the signing of a tripartite agreement on March, 1st this year, during the International Agricultural Show 2016.
LSDH will participate in the MDD EXPO show (Private Labels Show) that will occur on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st March 2016 in Paris, Porte de Versailles.
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