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Newsletter May 2016: Centre-Val de Loire milk, local and sustainable milk

12 May 2016

Centre-Val de Loire milk comes from dairy farms near you and is processed in your region.

Milk that is collected in the region

> Collected in 12 départements

> Strong ties to its producers: 300 dairy farms

> Guaranteed traceability

Milk that supports dairy farmers

> A bonus is paid for every litre of Centre-Val de Loire milk bought

> Support for young farmers

Milk that respects good dairy farming practices

> Upholds the Charter for Good Agricultural Practices (CBPE)

> Meets our customers’ expectations for food safety, animal well-being, environmental protection and more

Milk with an environmentally-friendly approach

> Thanks to a region that:

   Can offer a great deal of land available for disposing of livestock manure

   Enables farmers to replace chemical fertilisers with organic ones

> Thanks to a collection optimisation system:

   GPS guidance

   Tanks that can carry 30,000 litres

   A quality-controlled collection every three days

   Switch to tanks with quiet, non-polluting, electric pumps that are more economical (saves three litres of fuel per 100 km)

Milk sold in cartons or in bottles without a foil lid

> The foil-free bottle:

   Easy to open (just one action rather than two for a classic bottle with lid and foil)

   The lid guarantees a watertight seal

   Protects the environment by reducing additives and removing foil lid

To mark World Milk Day, LSDH is opening its doors on June 1, 2016 in Saint Denis de l’Hôtel (45) and June 2, 2016 in Varennes sur Fouzon (36).

There are lots of surprises in store for you!

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