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A revolutionary bottle ‘made in Loiret’: creation of the first PET dual-layer preform for milk with 100 % light barrier

11 February 2009

Born out of a close collaboration between two companies in the Centre region, PDG Plastiques and LSDH, the very first dual-layer, seal-free preform in PET (grey inside, white outside) allows us to blow-mould a white bottle holding 1 L that is both customizable and has a total light barrier.



This worldwide innovation presents many advantages:

  • No need for the seal: reduction at source of 40 tons of aluminium a year
  • Easier opening: a simple stopper is enough to ensure that the bottle is as leak-proof as possible (even laid on its side in the fridge)
  • Increased performance and at least a 50% reduction in additives compared with a single-layer solution
  • Complete packaging is 20 to 25 % lighter with no light barrier loss
  • Contains odours better than bottles made from HDPE
  • Reduced energy consumption during production
  • A bottle that can be customized to our customer brands
  • A milk bottle made from PET: more recycling networks

Our worldwide innovation has won numerous prizes: an Oscar de l’Emballage 2008 and a Grés d’Or de l’Innovation 2009, encouraging us to continue in the same vein.

Download the press review (in French)