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16 June 2016
The ambient section drags the juice market down, in contrast to a fastgrowing chilled section.
12 May 2016
The dairy of Saint Denis de l’Hôtel has made word "Humanity" one of its core values. It applies not only to its employees but also to the dairy farmers working with it. 20 dairy farms have decided to donate one part of their production to the Restos du Cœur.
12 May 2016
Centre-Val de Loire milk comes from dairy farms near you and is processed in your region. Milk that is collected in the region > Collected in 12 départements
4 April 2016
  Again this year, LSDH has worked hand-in-hand with its customers to provide consumers with original, delicious and high-quality creations. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy. This is what makes unquestionably the difference.
16 March 2016
Collection and packaging 100% in Loire Valley    The aim is to offer consumers a milk with high gustatory and nutritional qualities, produced with respect for animals and the environment, and paid at a fair price.