Commitment to the community

2012-2014 : LSDH supports "les Blouses Roses" !

From the end of 2013, the women and men of our Saint-Denis and Varennes sites decided to create a support comittee for the association "Les Blouses Roses", whose mission is to offer hospitalized children and people living in retirement homes a moment of relaxation and warmth, thanks to fun, creative and artistic activities. We chose to help this big-hearted association, through the creation of a support committee that implements significative actions within our company, that bring our employees together for the profit of the association: we collect books, DVDs, games, sell photos and homemade cakes... In 2014, we are thinking of taking part in a night-time walk and of organizing a bingo and raffle. These actions enable to regularly collect small amounts of money that has already enabled to buy games, books, fun activities for teenagers, gardening material suitable for pensioners who live in Residental Care Homes for the Elderly.


2013-2014 : LSDH builds a new school in Benin !

LSDH pursues its activities alongside the Pom'Mangue association, building a second sustainable school in Kolobi, neighbouring village to Akpakli. The children are over the moon!



2009-2010: LSDH moves mountains for Beninese children alongside the Pom’Mangue association

LSDH has been working with the Pom'Mangue association to build a sustainable school in the Beninese village of Akpakli. Members of staff collected school supplies that were sent out at the end of 2011. To celebrate the project, six members of the association and six people from LSDH (including its Chairman, Emmanuel Vasseneix) decided to climb Kilimanjaro! We hope this wonderful story will help to grow many school roofs in Africa!


2004-2010: Agrisud International and LSDH help develop micro companies in Cambodia

At the end of 2004, our staff gave two hours of their working time, our suppliers offered raw materials and LSDH shouldered all production costs to raise funds for the Agrisud International association. At a General Meeting, company staff chose the project that would receive the donations: the creation of 69 sustainable market garden micro-operations to help protect the environment in the village of Phnom Prasat in Cambodia. Initially 30 families were given farming training, learning not only how to provide for their own needs but also for those around and the rest of the village. Since then, we have continued to support the village and its People, making it possible to extend the number of beneficiaries, step up training and improve living conditions.


2010: LSDH takes part in the Loire clean banks operation

On Saturday September 18, 2010, LSDH staff and their families put on gloves, jackets and boots, for a thorough clean-up of river banks in Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel. By the end of the day the campaign to protect the heritage of the Loire basin had produced 450 bags filled by 500 people - employees of companies in the Loiret vicinity together with their families and friends across 20 local communities. And for LSDH: 30 100-litre well-filled bags together with some bizarre finds, such as two televisions, a moped, a bike, a traffic cone, a suitcase, a container and even a car bumper! A wonderful, bonding initiative to be repeated.


2009: LSDH supported the 523 team in the "4L" (Renault 4) Trophy

In 2009, we became sponsors of the biggest humanitarian and sporting "raid" in Europe! Starting from Paris, 1,000 teams of students covered 6,000 km (including 700 km across desert tracks in the Moroccan Great South) in Renault 4s. All LSDH staff were actively involved in collecting exercise books, note pads, biros and felt-tipped pens. These items were handed over to the 523-strong team which took them to Morocco, where they were distributed among child protection centres to be given to children too poor to afford the basic essentials for studying.


2008: LSDH backs the Jade association, in memory of a much-loved child

In 2008, LSDH decided to support the Jade Association's panda project. In memory of their daughter Jade who adored pandas, her parents decided to form an association and collect funds for the WWF. This was used to build a reading room at the school in Naoping inside the Qinling nature reserve in central China which shelters the giant panda. The two main functions of this library are to teach people about the environment and to share information about the conservation and development of habitat for species at risk. On  January 18, 2010, the reading room bearing Jade’s name was officially opened. So much money was raised there is even some left over for a new project to protect the giant panda.


2007-2008: A Tree for Greece

Following the terrible fires in Greece in the summer of 2007, the French association "Elan Nouveau des Citoyens" decided to respond by launching the campaign "A Tree for Greece". The aim was to rally the public to help in the reforestation of the Peloponnese region. Bodies such as UNESCO were quick to back the plan and so were we. We began by supporting students in Lille who chose to promote this action with other European countries by cycling from Lille to Olympia in June 2008. In March we strengthened our participation by joining forces with the companies Orlait and Tetra Pak: 15,000,000 cartons of milk stamped with "A Tree for Greece" found their way to supermarket shelves!


2006: LSDH, partner of the "Jeunes Dirigeants" boat in the "Route du Rhum" race

In 2006, the French Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants realised one of their wildest dreams: taking part in the Route du Rhum race with a boat built thanks to the donations, contributions and skills of crew members and their companies. Emmanuel VASSENEIX, a member of the CJD, decided to involve LSDH in supporting this great adventure by collaborating with Tetra Pak in the creation of a milk carton packaging tailor-made for the event. The funds raised by the sale of these cartons helped build the 55 foot monohull, skippered by Pierre Yves Guennec, which finished second in its category!


2005: Istouti Sri Lanka

The horror of the tsunami so moved our members of staff that they appealed to the company to take action to help the victims. Everyone was to give what they could - time or money - and the company doubled the donation. When suggested to other companies, the scheme met with a positive response. Together with the Loiret businesses union, they set about raising as much money as possible. A chance meeting did the rest and it was Alexandre HERAUD, a journalist with France Culture who experienced the tsunami first hand who suggested how best to put the funds to use through ISTOUTI, rebuilding a fishing village devastated by the tsunami on the Sri Lanka coast. The project, initially intended for the construction of 200 homes, became more ambitious. Today we are looking at double that number, a real town which will provide economic, cultural and social activities.


2005: A helping hand for children in southern Asia from the dairy industry

The French dairy sector, through its professional association Syndilait, decided to contribute to humanitarian aid, by placing 6,000,000 litres of milk in the market place. For each litre of milk sold, 10 euro-cents would be paid to UNICEF for aid to children in southern Asia – that adds up to 600,000 €! The idea was made possible thanks to the free supply of 6,000,000 cartons with a special design by Tetra Pak and Combibloc and the total absorption of manufacturing costs by LSDH and other dairy industrials. The funds raised enabled UNICEF to buy and distribute food supplements and other much-needed goods.


1996: Helping search for little Marion

On November 14, 1996, a little after midday, 10-year-old Marion Wagon from Agen in Lot-et-Garonne vanished into thin air in just minutes somewhere between her school and her home, 400 metres away. Staff at LSDH immediately joined forces to help in the search for the youngster. In partnership with Tetra Pak, they decided to print the child's smiling face on 4,000,000 packs of milk.


1992-1995: fighting child malnutrition in Africa

LSDH, in partnership with Tetra Pak, has been sending mini cartons of drinking soya to Madagascar, as part of the twinning of a French and a Madagascan hospital. The aim is to treat a pathological problem caused by malnutrition in Madagascar. After a trial in January 1995, 170 children were fed with liquid soya, which helped improve their health very significantly.


1989: Aiding the Romanian people after the revolution

Following the Romanian revolution, LSDH sprang into action to come to the aid of the Romanian people. Producers gave milk, Tetra Pak gave packaging and every member of staff offered four hours of unpaid work to provide two articulated lorries of milk for Romanian children.