Commitment to People

The company, a place of personal and professional well-being, fulfilment and development

People at the heart of our decision-making process:
  • A personalized welcome and integration
  • Sex Equality
  • Openness to apprentices and trainees
  • Fighting discrimination
  • Promoting internally
  • Individual interviews for all our staff
  • Strong training guidelines for all employees
  • Strengthened safety policy
  • Autonomy and involvement in the company culture
  • Policy of sharing created wealth
  • A clear company project in which everybody participates: succeeding for the well-being and continuity of the Company and its People.
Many advantages:
  • Thirteen-month  pay
  • Complementary insurance
  • Time Savings Account
  • Participation
  • Profit sharing
  • CSP
  • CPSP
  • Works council…