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5 April 2012
Established in the Centre of France, LSDH takes over milk collection zones previously managed by big groups, with the wish to develop the milk production. Read the article published in Réussir Lait in April 2012 (in French)
5 April 2012
This year, LSDH won the Grand prix de l'entreprise patrimoninale et familiale. The company is considering a very ambitious investment plan. Read the article published in the République du Centre Wednesday 8tg February 2012 (in French)
5 April 2012
The LSDH group is building two new high stacker cranes simultaneously, one on the Varennes-sur-Fouzon site, the other, in Alsace, at JFA. Read the article (in French) JFA, oui au transtockeur ! Read the article published on Sunday 25th March 2012 in the Républicain Lorrain (in French)
4 April 2012
Download the JFA press review (in French) JFA : oui au transstockeur : read the article published in the Républicain Lorrain on 25th March 2012 (in French)
14 February 2012
Meeting with Emmanuel Vseneix, President of LSDH. Read the article (in French)